The following jazz guitar arrangements are available for purchase and will be shipped to you by mail. For digital downloads please contact Ralf.

Summertime: medium-level difficulty. Jazz classic with melody, background parts and double bass-figure(Interesting parts for rhythm section). Open solos with background figures. Medium swing. Click to enlarge image.

ST Score p.1

Beautiful Love: medium-level difficulty. Jazz classic in Latin feel. Harmonized melody with background figures. Open solos with background figures, possible drum solo in Coda section. Uptempo Samba or Medium Bossa Nova tempo.
BL Score p.1

Say Yes: medium-level difficulty. Call and response melody with bass and guitars(Good challenge for bassists), open solos. Minor key original composition by Ralf Buschmeyer(from the Manic Thematic Say Yes CD). Medium swing.

5 Ways To Sunday: medium-level difficulty. Bluesy melody and changes with open solos. Original composition by Ralf Buschmeyer. Medium blues shuffle.
5WaysScore p.1

Daisy:Big band Rhythm Changes composition for Grade 5.5(difficult). Original composition from Terrain CD, arranged by Larry Schrum. Solos for Alto sax and Bari sax. Shout chorus after solos. Swing. You can listen to Daisy here.

DaisyScore p.1